Google has announced the launch of a number of new devices, including the Pixel 6 & 7

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    There has always been a growing interest among technology enthusiasts around Google IO, the annual conference of Google developers or programmers. They were also waiting to see what new products and services Google announced this year. Google announced several new technology services at a two-hour IO conference on Wednesday night. There have been announcements about Artificial Intelligence (AI), Android, and Pixel smartphones. Technology website The Verge brings up this information. Learn about Google’s new products and services.

    Google 6A
    Google has announced the Pixel 6 smartphone. It will cost 449 US dollars. It will hit the market on July 21. 12 megapixels Google has used the Tensor chipset and new design in the latest smartphone.

    Pixel Watch
    There have been rumors about Google’s Pixel brand smartwatch for a long time. Google has given an idea about the software of this watch at this conference. The updated version of Wire OS 3 will have a Fitbit feature on the watch, which will provide various health information. However, Google did not give any information about the chipset of this watch. The watch could be by the end of this year.

    Pixels 7
    By this year, Google may release Pixel 6 and 7 Pro smartphones. It can see in different types of cameras and back panels. It can have two or three cameras, just like the current Pixel phones.

    Pixel Buds Pro
    Like Apple’s Air Pods Pro, Google has announced its Pixel Buds Pro. It can cost up to 199 US dollars. Pixel Buds Pvt will have a noise cancellation feature, and Its battery life will be more than 8 hours. It will have a particular custom audio chipset, which will support Bluetooth multipoint. It can be order it in advance from July 21. When this device comes on the market then we will know How many colors will Pixel Buds Pro come in the market?

    Tensor-powered pixel tab
    Google may release the Android-based Pixel Tab by next year. It will have many advantages to quickly connecting with the Pixel phone, and It will use a tensor chipset. Technology analysts say the company is looking at the tab market again with the announcement of new tabs at this year’s conference.

    Google Glass 2
    There were special surprises towards the end of Google’s original presentation. The company announced Augmented Reality (AR) Glass. Known as Google Glass 2, these smart glasses will have the unique advantage of instantaneously communicating in real-time. With the announcement of new smart glasses, Google will compete with Meta and Snap.

    Advanced Google Lens
    Google has given various information about the development of artificial intelligence around this year’s Google Developers Conference. Includes Google allowing users to test new language models. In addition to experimenting with Lambda 2, users will be able to search for different products through their lens-like applications easily. In addition, who will also add an automatic translation facility to YouTube on mobile. Google has also announced improvements to its multi-search feature.

    User privacy
    who highlighted Google’s emphasis on user privacy at this year’s conference. New security and privacy features have also been announced. It includes new features like the My Ad Center interface. It will allow the user to control the viewing of his favorite ads.

    Android 13
    Google has made various plans around the Android 13 version. Who added the ‘Material U’ theme to the Android 13 version. Who can set the app in different languages? Apart from this, they said several security and privacy features. However, compared to Android 12, the Android 13 version will not see much change. While Android 12 seems to be a lot messier, Google can fix it a lot in the Android 13 version. The company has already released the beta version of Android 13.

    Google Wallet
    Google is bringing its wallet app back to the center of everything. Will include payment cards, various passes, reward programs, and various records. Google says its app is designed with the digital identity in mind.

    Bird’s eye view of the road on Google Maps
    Google is adding Emergency View mode to their maps. It means viewing the street view from the sky or from above. Different cities or areas can be considered using this mode from above.


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