Facebook is shutting down several benefits

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    The social media site Facebook is shutting down some services that collect user location information instantly (real-time). These services include location-based facilities like Nearby Friends, Weather Alerts, Location History, and Background Location. Facebook is informing the users of this information. Meta authorities, the parent company of Facebook, have also confirmed the matter to the technology website The Verge.

    Facebook is shutting down several benefits

    Another technology website, Ninety-Five Mac, reports that meta-authorities say location benefits are being shut down because of under-utilization. Facebook notifications have already started to be sent to those who have used these before. Facebook’s notification states who will discontinue data collection associated with the location feature from May 31. In addition, which will delete all the information saved from August 1.

    Emile Vazquez, a spokeswoman for Metz, told Verge: “We’re removing some of the location-based, data-driven benefits from Facebook. These are being closed due to a lack of users. However, users will have access to location services to manage how user location information is collected and used.

    Although Meter has spoken of shutting down the location-based facility, Facebook is not completely shutting down its location-based data collection activities. Facebook says it will continue to collect location-based information to give users a better experience and help the user check in the location consistent with the relevant advertisement and information policy.
    Any location information saved from the Settings and Privacy menu can be viewed, downloaded, or deleted. Otherwise, from August 1, Facebook will automatically delete any stored information related to the services.

    Facebook launched the Nearby Friends service in 2014. Anyone could share his location information with friends in real-time from the Facebook app. It was an opportunity to meet close friends. However, due to the popularity of services like Snapchat’s Snap Map and Apple’s Find My Friends, this service of Facebook lost its popularity.
    However, there has also been criticism against Facebook for protecting user information. So many people want to get rid of these positional features of Facebook. In 2019, the surveillance of user information against Facebook came to the fore. When they criticized this, Facebook introduced the facility to turn off the background location tracking facility from the Android platform.

    Facebook said in a statement that users have long been using features like Nearby Friends, Weather Alerts, Location History, and Background Locations. These services will make no available after May 31. Features such as location history and background locations will stop data collection after May 31, even if previously turned on. However, according to the information policy, Facebook will continue to collect location information to give another experience.

    Update settings

    You can update your present location history and background location settings from the Facebook app until May 31. From then on, the settings will be disabled. Could you not get the chance to update it?

    Opportunity to download location history

    If you want to view or delete your recent location history, you must go there before August 1 or download it. If you do not take action before August 1, your location history will automatically be deleted.

    Based on The Verge


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